5 Tips to optimize your website for Google E-A-T

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Google has released on Feb 2019 that E-A-T is a SEO ranking factor through a published white paper to give more information about the challenges that google faces to filter the misinformation as they are working on three foundational pillars:

  • Improve our products so they continue to make quality count;
  • Counteract malicious actors seeking to spread disinformation;
  • Give people context about the information they see.

So it’s still unclear how google will measure this E-A-T but here some few tips that can increase your E-A-T based on our understating of google white paper and how google is trying to rank only the most reliable and relevant results

  1. Mention the author name and some information about his expertise in the field that he is writing the article about.
  2. Add social media links for the author biography or his personal website along with linkedin profile as a proof for the biography
  3. Get real experts or specialists to write down the content not just someone who can write nice words
  4. Make sure that the website is HTTPS and secure for users data.
  5. Build your business brand as branding is a very strong signal for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.


Business SEO is getting harder everyday but the quality what wins at the end so it’s not about hacks anymore, it’s all hard work and long term strategy thinking that build real brands and trust accordingly.

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