9 Exciting stats you need to know about digital in the Middle East

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The Middle East became very important market for all the brands that are looking for targeting new markets to expand their business.

Here are some exciting insights about the digital marketing in the Middle East

  1. The internet users in the Middle East reached 182 million users, which is more than 71% of the overall population, and the number is increasing as most of the governments and internet providers are working on availing it in all the areas.
  2. Active social media users reached 160 million users.
  3. Facebook has the highest reach with 158.4 million users, which is 80% of the total internet users.
  4. Instagram is the second biggest social media platform with 57million users, which is 29% of the total internet users.
  5. Snapchat has 36 million users, which is 18% of the overall users.
  6. Twitter has 22.4 million users, which is 11% of the internet users.
  7. Facebook is not the favorite platform in the golf countries as Instagram has the highest reach with more than 21.5 million users then comes snapchat with 20 million users then twitter with 16.6 million users.
  8. MENA e-commerce is growing at 25% per year and it is expected to hit $28.5 billion by 2022.
  9. 56% of the users start their online shopping journey using search engines, which shows the importance of arabic SEO Services

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